So Long, Farewell

Thank you choosing CVA to enjoy the off campus life!  We wish you only the best of luck in your future endeavors, and invite you to request a rental reference from us shall that requirement ever arise in your future housing needs.  Keep in mind that Matchbox Realty also offers an assortment of non-student housing options if you plan to stick around the ‘Burg post-graduation!

Moving out can be stressful.  We’re here to help!  WE WANT YOU TO RECEIVE A FULL SECURITY DEPOSIT REFUND. Please take advantage of all the resources provided below so that we can (hopefully) mail you a check, not a bill.

Move Out Checklist

Let US help YOU!  These helpful checklists were written by CVA staff with the help of Matchbox Realty, who has provided students with off campus living options since 2011. These checklists continue to grow each year with the intention to help each of our residents receive as much of a refund possible. Check-out our Facebook Album to view photos of how previous CVA tenants left their apartment. Each photo includes a caption of what amount(s) if any were held as tenant responsibility and helpful tips.

What to Return


Unreturned keys are $25 each & unreturned fobs are $75 each – yikes!  Simply fill out a key return envelope (there are blank copies on the side of the drop box located in front of our clubhouse) so that we have your bedroom key, mail key and key fob, as well as your forwarding address for the Security Deposit Release Form. Be sure to print legibly, and fill the envelope out in its’ entirety. *If you MUST mail your key(s), please use a padded envelope and send via CERTIFIED mail so you (and us!) can confirm receipt. Keys sent in a regular envelope usually rip and are lost in transit. You are liable if you key(s) do not make it to our office. Send to: Matchbox Realty 202 N. Liberty Street Suite 101; Harrisonburg, VA 22801, and don’t forget to include a forwarding address for your Security Deposit Release Form.

Comcast Equipment

Comcast charges a hefty fee for unreturned remotes, cords & cable receiver boxes. This equipment is registered to the name of the roommate(s) who picked up this equipment at the beginning of your lease. Visit their office at 160 North Mason Street, Suite B to return your Comcast equipment. Psst: Don’t want to wait in line? They have an after-hours drop box! Our 2¢: Collect all your Comcast equipment, secure in a plastic bag & drop it off.  Each piece of equipment has an ID #, so they know which account to log the returned equipment to.

Parking Stickers & Guest Passes

Your parking stickers & guest passes have expiration dates (July 31, 20XX), and do not need to be returned.

What to Do

Take Everything You Brought

Personal belongings, trash, unwanted furniture, etc. left in your apartment will need to removed.  At what cost, you ask?  Maintenance charges $39/hour/man. This does not include the possibility of landfill dump fees. Our advice – donate! Many local business would love to make your trash their treasure. Check out Salvation Army Thrift Store, Mercy House Thrift Store, Blue Ridge Hospice, Our Community Place & Goodwill. Depending on what you would like to donate, these businesses may even pick-up/drop-off.

Clean, clean, CLEAN…

The maids are contracted at a certain rate to clean your apartment. Any amount over and above that rate will come back to you as a deduction from your security deposit. Pay close attention to baseboards, soap scum in bathrooms, oven interior, etc. – any task that the maids would spend an excessive amount of time to clean. Please replace your burner pans; They’re only about $5-10 per 4 piece set at any home improvement store.


The Nitty Gritty:

1. Unplug your fridge; Prop open the fridge and freezer doors. This will prevent sweating &/or molding within the fridge and freezer.

2. Leave the washing machine door open for the same reason.

3. Replace ALL burnt out light bulbs. Unsure what type you need?  Visit Your Responsibilities.

4. Contact the United States Postal Service to forward your mail.

5. Replace your air filter. Unsure what type you need? Visit Your Responsibilities.

6. Lock up!  Ensure that every door and window is secure upon your departure.

Paint ONLY If You Can Do It Correctly

If the walls were poorly painted, we’ll need to send professional painters to fix your handiwork. The paint colors for CVA are registered at the local Benjamin Moore Shenandoah Paint & Decorating Center.   Be sure that you request Campus View Apartments paint, as the Campus View Condominiums also have their colors registered at the same paint supply store.  Additionally, there are different colors for trim, walls, etc. Be sure to let the associate know which room you’re painting. As a rule of thumb: keep in mind that paints ages. If you do paint, be sure to paint entire walls at a time instead of touch-up in small areas (you’ll be able to tell where the “touchup” was done otherwise). *We understand that minor scuffing is inevitable in high-trafficked areas of your apartment (such as under the kitchen bar, entryway, etc.) since CVA uses a flat-based paint. However, adhesives/decal wall damage, drywall damage, and large screw holes (from a flat-mounted TV, surfboard hung, etc.) are a few examples of what is considered over/above reasonable wear/tear.

What to Know

Your leases at 12pm on your lease-end date.

By law your Property Manager must complete your move-out inspection no later than 72 hours from this time. With that being noted, we are prompt with move-out inspections. If we find you do not move-out on time, the lease states that you and your roommates will be charged 150% of the per diem rent.

You cannot put your refundable security deposit toward your last  months’ rent.

Your security deposit is held in escrow for the duration of your lease term until we assess damages (if any) after your lease end date.

The utilities must be ON & in your name(s) for the duration of your lease.

If shut-off your water or electric service prior to your lease end date, the lease states that you and your roommates will receive a $50 fine.  If all 4 roommates will be gone for the whole summer and you want to save a few bucks, you can certainly shut off the breaker for items that will be completely out of use when you’re gone! Visit “Utilities During Summer & Winter” to learn how.

The Security Deposit Release Forms are mailed to the forwarding address you provide with your key return no later than 45 days after your lease-end date (not the date you move-out).

If necessary, we may send you a letter that allows us an additional 15 days to process your SDRF. If, upon receipt of the SDRF, you disagree with any charges: Disputes must be made in writing (email is preferred) to no later than 10 days of receipt of the Security Deposit Release Form.


Furniture replaced on your Security Deposit Release Form cannot be picked up.

Unfortunately there is not an opportunity for previous residents to pick-up damaged furniture that was found to need replacement during the move-out inspection. These pieces are taken by maintenance during the 2 week turnover period. The damage to the items may not have been apparent during furniture inspections in April, or we would have sent you all an email telling you that you may take pieces XYZ with you since they will be replaced at move-out.  Turnover season (summer) is our busiest time of the year. Please understand when we say that it is logistically impossible to notify every single resident when a furniture piece needs replacement (especially since often times residents do not take the damaged pieces with them despite our offer). Additionally, we have no place to store the furniture until the previous tenant is able to come pick the pieces up. Under the Virginia Residential Landlord & Tenant Act, we must notify past tenants when they have left personal property, and give them the opportunity to pick-up their personal property within 24 hours from their lease expiration.


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